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Last Update: 05/31/2021

Magic Spellslinger


From the studio that brought you Magic: The Gathering comes Magic Spellslingers, an exciting collectible card battler with unique unlockable heroes and all the flexibility one might expect from a Magic title. What is a Spellslinger, you might ask? These are some of the most legendary figures of the Magic mythos, practically of superheroic stature. Characters like Liliana, Ajani, Vivien and Chandra come to life with dynamic abilities and memorable voice overs in Magic Spellslingers. It’s quick to pick up and play and encourages a vast array of possible strategies.

EVE Online


This pioneering space-based MMORPG continues to dazzle the cosmos in 2021. EVE Online is undoubtedly one of the most content and feature-rich persistent online galaxies available, drawing upon years of experience. EVE can be an unabashedly hardcore adventure with a seemingly infinite scale, yet players are given absolute freedom to become fighter, trader, builder, pirate, leader, hermit - you name it, there’s room in this spectacular space drama for all personalities. It’s this unparalleled openness that leads to amazing community stories of war, betrayal, and unexpected thrills.



From the military shooter experts at Gaijin Entertainment, renowned for stunning large-scale online titles like War Thunder and Crossout, comes Enlisted - a truly epic, massively multiplayer WWII action extravaganza. In Enlisted you can storm the trenches with a squad of customizable infantry classes, steamroll enemy bunkers aboard powerful tanks, and divebomb the open fields while piloting a roaring aircraft - and it’s all supported by gritty realism, deep progression systems, and an incredible variety of gameplay and strategic options.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact continues to blow us away in 2021 as the game’s developer miHoYo never stops delivering the goods. The highly-anticipated “Beneath the Light of Jadeite” update is rolling out with new playable characters, new enemies (including awesome boss encounters), all-new story journeys, and the big one: Inazuma, a sprawling new city and surrounding region to explore. There’s no better time to join Genshin Impact and experience its gorgeous stylized visuals and intuitive action role-playing adventures. Travel alone or team-up with friends to master the seven elements in one of the best online experiences available, playable for free.

Eternal Fury


The beauty of Eternal Fury, besides the game’s enormous cast of bloodthirsty demons, is perhaps its ease-of-access, inviting players to log-in to an elegant browser-based world in a few simple steps. But don’t let that simplicity fool you: Eternal Fury is a turn-based RPG packed with features and depth, with extensive advancement paths to fortify castles and customize armies, unit by unit, in minute detail. With treasure and elite enemy challenges buried in the depths of dungeons, hours of satisfying gameplay await new adventurers.

Dark Genesis


Dark Genesis is a free-to-play Strategy MMORPG which chronicles the trials of fallen gods and the encroaching forces of evil set on claiming their heavenly thrones. Featuring callbacks to classic mythology, elemental magic, and ancient wonders of the world, Dark Genesis tasks players with conquering foes across unique floating islands using a squad of demigods to engage in tactical RPG battles for character advancement, loot, and glory. With an “Idle” play mechanic thrown into the mix, players can optionally continue to gain EXP and collect loot even while they’re AFK - cutting down on the grind.

Survivor Legacy


It’s the end of the world as we know it, but it’s only the beginning for the zombie hordes of Survivor Legacy! Luckily all hope for humanity is not lost, and it’s up to you to strategically rebuild and fortify new outposts to stop the undead masses and keep your survivors alive and thriving. Grow your Command Center’s capabilities to expand resource production and protection to new buildings, training and outfitting scrappy survivors taking up the cause. Every combatant is valuable, and Survivor Legacy allows players to level-up and augment unique Hero characters and individual troops using a vast array of attributes.



The year is 2047. It’s been twenty years since the catastrophe that shattered the world as we know it, and new factions have emerged from the ruins of civilization - intent on claiming Crossout’s new world. You take on the role of a soldier and builder in one of these competing factions and fight to carve out a foothold. Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO action game featuring the unique concept of engineering your own battle machines. In this arms race of limited resources and competitive tech, victory goes to the most ruthless warriors and intelligent builders.

World of Tanks


Armored warfare is the bread & butter of World of Tanks, and this award-winning multiplayer online action game arguably does it better than any game out there. With a staggering variety of battlefields and five unique classes to select from, you’ll join ranks with one of 11 of the greatest tank superpowers to ever enter a fight. Master the realistic physics and ballistics to dominate the art of driving and accurately firing these behemoths.

War Thunder


Ask any veteran player of large-scale online military shooters for a shortlist of top games in the genre, and War Thunder is certain to be mentioned. Experience major battles across land, air, and sea and challenge millions of fellow combatants from around the world. War Thunder is one of the most extensive and proven free-to-play, multi-platform, massively multiplayer online shooters available.

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