Magic Spellslinger

Last Update: 05/13/2021

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    Shuffle The Deck

    The global phenomenon Magic: The Gathering has inspired every aspect of the stylish Magic: Spellslingers, an exciting new collectible card battler arriving on PC. Spellslingers offers new players (sign-up and start for free) a very generous introduction to their experience in the game, yet contains a plethora of unique unlockable heroes, each with very specific strategies to master and add to your deck - in fine Magic tradition.

    Superhero Status

    For the uninitiated, in the Magic universe a Spellslinger is a being of almost superheroic power and reputation, akin to the Planeswalkers featured in the popular Action RPG Magic: Legends currently lighting up screens and streams. These Spellslingers are also taking on extra-planar threats from the dark corners of the Magic Multiverse, and they also wield extremely powerful elemental and summoning abilities you’ll need to carefully arrange to best scorch and stomp the field of battle.

    Say My Name

    Magic: Spellslingers features named characters with a special place in the lore of the Magic universe. Characters like Liliana, Ajani, Vivien and Chandra come to life with dynamic abilities and high quality voice lines in Spellslingers while wielding signature spell cards. Spellslingers definitely sticks to the well-established ebb and flow of Magic’s classic systems for card turns and combat, but adds new, direct attack and defense mechanics to add flavor to the match.


    Surrounded By Auras

    It won’t take long to identify the unique base abilities of the unlockable heroes of Magic: Spellslingers, and they’re further diversified via the game’s Auras - special powers that capture all the personality of these legendary Planeswalker-level figures, ripe for turning the tide in a close encounter.

    A New Magic Experience

    Fans of collectible card battlers are in for a treat with the new PC version of Magic: Spellslingers. With new Auras, a customized Land system, and a whole host of subtle tweaks to mix-up the tried and true Magic formula, this free-to-play game promises an arena of awesome creatures to fight and new cards and crystals to earn and collect with every login!

    Community Balance

    Magic: Spellslingers has enjoyed a lengthy early access period, ironing-out the intricacies of its sprawling range of deck possibilities. Whether that means toning down durability on an overpowered Panharmonicon card, adjusting viability on the Eminent Archangel (which allows you to heal yourself equal to the damage received in the prior turn), adding new animations to character portraits, or fine-tuning movement rates and effect frequency, Spellslingers has benefitted from comprehensive testing.



  • Expect to pay : $ FREE
  • Developer : Pipeworks Studios
  • Publisher : Wizards of the Coast LLC
  • Reviewed on : i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970
  • Multiplayer : Yes
  • Link : Coming Soon ➡