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Last Update: 05/31/2021

RAID: Shadow Legends


Fight evil forces and unlock hundreds of Champions in this visually stunning MMORPG. Collect, customize and strategize as you quest to become the savior of Teleria in a story campaign backed by a rich cast of characters, then climb the leaderboards as you battle against other players in the PVP Arena. If you enjoy large-scale cooperative play, RAID has you covered: Team-up with companions to challenge Clan Boss Battles together for glorious rewards. RAID: Shadow Legends boasts millions of players - enter the fray today!

Game of Thrones


Enjoy the latest officially-licensed Game of Thrones experience: Winter is Coming. This detailed strategy game, playable in your browser, has been designed with roleplaying in mind to fully capture the unique social and political battles that GoT fans love. Create your own House, recruit your favorite characters from the TV series, and partake in wars of battlefield strategy and political intrigue. Will you remain loyal, entice foes to join your cause, or betray allies to gain the upperhand? Winter is Coming - and your decisions will alter the course of history!



Elvenar invites you to a world of mystery and magic to explore the classic fantasy rivalry that exists between elves or humans. The elves protect their beautiful habitat and foster a magical lineage to summon elemental forces, while the humans expand their reach through engineering superiority. Whether you prefer to focus your management skills on city building and economy as a trader, or invest your keen military mind into battlefield tactics as a general, Elvenar celebrates both playstyles in a clash of expanding kingdoms.

Forge of Empires


Beginning at the dawn of civilization in a humble Stone Age village as humankind starts to realize its potential, and progressing onward through every major period of human development to our Modern Times, Forge of Empires takes players across a sprawling online strategy game experience. Expand and fortify your borders, embrace and produce new technologies through the ages, and fight your way to world conquest in this proven browser-based RTS hit from InnoGames.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact continues to blow us away in 2021 as the game’s developer miHoYo never stops delivering the goods. The highly-anticipated “Beneath the Light of Jadeite” update is rolling out with new playable characters, new enemies (including awesome boss encounters), all-new story journeys, and the big one: Inazuma, a sprawling new city and surrounding region to explore. There’s no better time to join Genshin Impact and experience its gorgeous stylized visuals and intuitive action role-playing adventures. Travel alone or team-up with friends to master the seven elements in one of the best online experiences available, playable for free.

Blade & Soul


Become a martial arts legend and unleash deadly moves in this graphically impressive action MMORPG. Blade & Soul offers extensive character customization, Arena PvP, and a rich main story that’s been progressively expanded with updates. Fans of cool action combat, with satisfying combos and powerful animations loaded with style (and pain!) will certainly find plenty to love in Blade & Soul’s one-of-a kind design.



Warframe is simply one of the best-looking and feature-rich online action games available. This free-to-play space ninja experience boasts top notch third-person combat and exploration, and developer Digital Extremes is renowned for its awesome game support and updates. Customize your characters and adventure across far away planets alongside co-op partners in a truly kinetic, acrobatic, and intense online experience.

War Thunder


Ask any veteran player of large-scale online military shooters for a shortlist of top games in the genre, and War Thunder is certain to be mentioned. Experience major battles across land, air, and sea and challenge millions of fellow combatants from around the world. War Thunder is one of the most extensive and proven free-to-play, multi-platform, massively multiplayer online shooters available.