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Last Update: 05/31/2021

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    EVE Online is undoubtedly the most expansive sci-fi MMO experience available. Granted, it’s been around long enough to ramp up content, fine-tune balance, and refine its progression and space combat systems, but a lesser developer than CCP may have struggled to sustain that quality over such a long period of time. EVE Online seems to endlessly expand, like the universe itself.

    The Pioneer of Open-Ended Space

    While similar genre attempts may have appeared before it in one form or another, EVE Online is clearly one of the pioneering space-based MMO games - spanning multiple generations of gamers and still going strong today. The game’s core premise of a truly open-ended progression system and a challenging risk vs. reward balance is what struck a chord with millions of PC gamers early on, and that dynamic has produced countless tales of alliances, betrayal, and protracted conflicts across the community over the years.

    A Galaxy of Glorious War Stories

    For every story of epic space battles and brutal losses in EVE Online, you’ll find players awed by the scale of the game’s settings and its wide-open gameplay, and how rewarding a well-earned success can be. EVE is driven by player-created content and motivations, and a big ingredient here involves Fleets. Should you become a Fleet leader, you’ll set up a chain of command and fill your ranks with a variety of roles and ship types, creating a well-oiled unit fit for mining, exploration, PvP, and many other missions.


    Warp Into Endless Possibilities

    EVE Online’s sheer depth of play mechanics and systems will keep the most demanding online gamer invested for hundreds of hours. With sprawling Tech and Faction levels to gain, and a whole host of player-driven conflicts, alliances, and economic layers to dive into, this is an epic-scale cosmic MMO for sci-fi fans craving a truly unique persistent online universe to immerse themselves in.

    Cosmic Business Opportunities

    EVE Online is loaded with factions, corporations, and plenty of community-driven trials and tribulations that help to give every gameplay session an unpredictable element. Players who enjoy some relaxing non-combat endeavors can start analyzing planets and asteroids to mine resources and gather both minerals and chemical compounds. Longhaulers can move these goods using Freighters, slower moving non-weaponized behemoths with huge cargo holds that depend entirely on their super-thick hulls for defense. Prudent pilots will map their routes carefully from dock stations to resource sites they’ve found.

    Vessels to Aspire To

    The cosmic expanse of New Eden is traversed and exploited using a vast array of ship types and configurations, with deep and meaningful skill progression to boost a ship’s core stats - that’s shield, armor, and structure - alongside many Module slots which add critical nuance to ship specializations. Select from Frigates, Destroyers, Battlecruisers, Dreadnoughts, Capital Ships, Supercarriers, and more, outfitting them with module slots such as armor plating, cloaks, repairer units, warp engines, afterburners, and of course, plentiful guns. To put EVE Online’s scale into perspective: one of the game’s largest Titan ships is almost 14 kilometers in length!



  • Expect to pay : $ FREE
  • Developer : CCP
  • Publisher : CCP
  • Reviewed on : i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970
  • Multiplayer : Yes
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