Dark Genesis

Last Update: 05/31/2021

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    Ancient Wonders Collide

    From the team behind League of Angels comes Dark Genesis, a unique Strategy Idle MMORPG that has players defending an online fantasy world of floating islands under siege by creatures hellbent on ending the reign of ancient deities.

    Demigods Rise to the Challenge

    Similar to League of Angels, Dark Genesis is also inspired by tales of forsaken gods and wonders of the ancient world pulled from classic mythology. Players take command of a squad of demigods, each one infused with the power of the elements: Fire, Earth, Nature, Light and Darkness. The fate of the entire world rests on your shoulders, and you’ll have to shift your mind into tactical mode to exploit the powers of each demigod hero.

    Easy Browser Access

    While the game features striking stylized fantasy visuals, getting started in Dark Genesis couldn’t be simpler thanks to its browser-based technology. You can set up an account and enjoy the game’s addictive strategic gameplay across exotic sky islands on your desktop or laptop PC, then carry over the fun to a mobile device for gaming on the go. This flexibility, when combined with the game’s “idle” mechanics, makes Dark Genesis a decidedly portable experience that can follow you just about anywhere.


    Bring the Fight to the Arena

    Devising intelligent tactics against AI monsters is only the beginning in Dark Genesis. With a challenging PvP system, you’ll be able to compete against fellow players in both intimate arena battles or intense clan-based match-ups. Summon your heroes of the elements, upgrade their capabilities, and own the battlefield in this high-accessible, free-to-play strategic experience!

    Idle Hands Do the Gods’ Work

    For the uninitiated, the description “Idle” MMORPG might raise some eyebrows. The idea centers on allowing players to continue making progress in the game while absent or AFK. In Dark Genesis, you’ll be able to set-up your demigod heroes to engage in specific battles on their own, slaying creatures, collecting victory rewards, and gaining character EXP to advance their levels and powers - even when you’re not around. In theory, you can save yourself hours of hands-on grinding with a properly deployed Idle command and reap the benefits next time you get back to the keyboard.

    A Noble Campaign to Pursue

    There are definitely situations during the story-driven Dark Genesis campaign where you’ll want to be present and in complete control of your superpowered elemental demigod squad. Special in-game Trials are like mini-raid set pieces, each with unique themes and conditions to figure out. These hand-crafted challenges, including Magic Lamp, Ruin Hunt, and Eternal Abyss, will test your tactics with specific objectives while revealing more tidbits about your overall quest to return the ancient gods to their former glory. With island-scorching Boss encounters to bring these challenges to an explosive climax, you’re guaranteed some very memorable moments during the campaign.



  • Expect to pay : $ FREE
  • Developer : Esprit Games
  • Publisher : Esprit Games
  • Reviewed on : i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970
  • Multiplayer : Yes
  • Link : Dark Genesis