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Last Update: 05/31/2021

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    One of the most content-rich fantasy MMORPGs on the market today, ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 is often mentioned among the genre’s best and brightest. Catering to both PvE and PvP fans with heaps of story, challenges, and stylish environments (with a progression path that elegantly weaves it all together), GW2 has certainly earned its fine reputation.

    Generous Free-to-Play

    Guild Wars 2 mixes together a free-to-play and premium model to make it easy for players to break into the game and sample its many pleasures. The free model can quite literally provide players with hundreds of hours of unique, high-quality content to experience - without feeling restricted. Later on, if you’d like to move into some of the game’s recent expansion packs, the premium upgrades are reasonably priced and all your progress carries over to these ongoing adventures across Tyria.

    Professions For All Playstyles

    Guild Wars 2 initially offers you 8 Professions to mix and match: a selection of magic users, tanks, damage specialists, with debuffers and pet masters - and everyone can heal. The Mesmer is an illusion and stun expert, the Elementalist is the classic “glass cannon” fire-air-earth-water damage dealer, and the Necromancer summons undead minions and leeches life. The Guardian and Warrior can fill tank, party protection, and adrenaline-fueled damage roles, while the Ranger exploits nature’s fury and loyal animals. The Thief is a light acrobatic combatant that can pickpocket opponents, while the Engineer tinkers with lethal gadgets and inventions.


    Conquer a Living World

    Guild Wars 2 is a persistent world that continues to evolve even when no players are around to cause change, although the smallest interaction can cause a ripple of side effects. This is the crux of GW2’s “Living World” - and one of many exciting reasons to jump into the game today. It’s completely free to start your adventure, so hop in and protect this beautiful fantasy world from the Elder Dragons’ sinister revenge!

    Unravel Complex Tales

    The lands of Tyria offer players a compelling background to explore the strife and mystery of its many stories. Through lush jungles, sprawling deserts, snow-covered plains and foothills, and wonderfully-realized cities and villages, Guild Wars 2 invites players to travel a giant explorable world alongside thousands of fellow players. Keep tabs on your Story Journal to track both your Personal Story (quests to free Tyria from the Elder Dragons) and Living World quests, large scale narrative seasons, each divided into satisfying Chapters to complete.

    You Dictate the Journey

    A top-tier MMORPG like Guild Wars 2 can sell you on a wide spectrum of well-supported features, but in the end some online RPGs can become a tedious grind. What makes Guild Wars 2 so ideal for newcomers is the smooth advancement to max level, with ample ways to get there. You have main Story quests, large-group Raids, Fractals (5-person dungeons), and of course Conquest, the game’s main PvP mode - an intense 5 vs. 5 objective-holding deathmatch. Players can also take the plunge in World vs. World, a massive PvP/PvE hybrid map that brings half a dozen servers and dozens of players into the fray - securing keeps, towers, and siege weapons in an effort to control resources. All modes contribute handsomely to EXP gain.



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  • Developer : ArenaNet
  • Publisher : ArenaNet
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  • Multiplayer : Yes
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