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Last Update: 05/31/2021

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    When it comes to MMORPGs, we’re accustomed to the heroic paladins of medieval fantasy or the cyber assassins of futuristic sci-fi, but how about massively multiplayer prehistoric dinosaur roleplaying? That’s new! This is the premise of Alderon Games’ Path of Titans, and it’s undoubtedly a fresh concept that has us intrigued.

    It’s a Dinosaur Life

    Path of Titans should immediately have killer appeal for dinosaur enthusiasts, yet this detailed third-person survival sandbox promises a robust feature set for all online gamers. Consider the game’s 30+ playable dinosaur types - far exceeding the average collection of dwarves, orcs, and dark elves in fantasy MMOs. Each dinosaur species, split pretty evenly between carnivores and herbivores, is its own player class, with specific attack, speed, and stamina-related attributes that affect its ability to survive from egg to adulthood in a brutal prehistoric world.

    The Visuals Are Unreal

    The wide open sandbox of Path of Titans is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and each major region will be built as a sprawling 8km x 8km map, with Panjura primed to be the game’s first such area. These highly-detailed landscapes are enriched by thick vegetation and impressive lighting effects, and just like the realistic dinosaurs on offer, they stick to familiar archeology and science, with explorable forests, dunes, and waterways designed to immerse the player in a lush ancient Earth.


    Custom Cave Dweller

    A favorite feature in modern online games is player housing, and Path of Titans scratches this itch with customizable Caves for your dino to take up residence in and show off to fellow players. You won’t be placing waterbeds, chandeliers, and shag carpets in these expandable rocky homes, but a dino still deserves some creature comforts for nesting, resting, and feeding!

    Quest For Survival

    Players seeking meaningful MMO progression systems should be pleasantly surprised by Path of Titans’ depth in this area. Tracing an arc that fits your dino species and life cycle, quests will have you foraging the lands for rare plants and nest materials, protecting the herd from interlopers, and hunting for rare and delicious species, among other objectives. Many quests encourage cooperation between players, and Path of Titans exploits servers that can host hundreds at a time.

    Multi-Platform Modding

    Path of Titans includes an ambitious cross-platform mandate, allowing seamless play between PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android users - with console and cloud gaming support coming soon. Alderon Games will also empower the community with intuitive modding tools, allowing players to meticulously construct new regions and upload them for other players to enjoy. Perhaps a beautiful lakeside beach for your guild members to dive, swim and fish? Shape the future of this world for endless dinosaur adventures!



  • Expect to pay : $ FREE
  • Developer : Alderon Games Pty Ltd
  • Publisher : Alderon Games
  • Reviewed on : i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970
  • Multiplayer : Yes
  • Link : Path of Titans