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Last Update: 05/03/2021

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    When gamers think of Square Enix, most will mention the studio’s long history of excellent Final Fantasy games, dating back to the 8-bit console era. So it comes as no surprise that decades of RPG expertise has translated wonderfully to the massively multiplayer online space. Final Fantasy XIV, the publisher’s flagship MMORPG, has matured into an absolute tour de force in the genre, routinely ranked as one of today’s best online games across all platforms.

    Grand Tales, Beautifully Realized

    Today’s MMORPG players tend to approach the genre with a checklist of expected features in mind, many of them revolving around gameplay elements to keep them occupied over long periods. The standards for storytelling aren’t so high, with many MMORPGs falling behind their single-player RPG counterparts. Final Fantasy XIV raises the bar with its rich, beautifully realized story spanning the world of Eorzea, delivered through compelling cutscenes with thoroughly developed narrative arcs loaded with memorable characters and grand tales. The game’s frequent content updates provide compelling, multi-chapter stories.

    A Role For Every Player

    Final Fantasy XIV became a very accessible MMORPG in part thanks to its multi-class character system, which allows players to mix and match “Jobs” in a very flexible way. Introducing you to the foundations of your chosen role in a battle scenario, FFXIV adds the extra dynamic of allowing players to switch up their specializations to fill-in gaps that could turn the tide in an adrenaline-charged dungeon or raid boss encounter.


    Lunar Landings On the Way

    Could it be? Will players embark on a journey to Eorzea’s fabled moon in the near future? Without revealing too much, stay tuned, as FFXIV will soon allow players to go positively cosmic with a wonderful realization of the exotic lunar landscape and the many threats hidden within. Join Final Fantasy XIV today - featuring tons of free content to sample for new players!

    Evolving Content

    In the recent update to Final Fantasy XIV, Death Unto Dawn, players are drawn into the plight of the Scions, who have at last awoken from their slumber to aid Eorzea’s heroes (that’s you!) to purge the corrupting effects of the madman Fandaniel. The strengths of storytelling run deep in the Final Fantasy legacy, and Square Enix doesn’t cut corners in this MMORPG. Brand new and veteran players alike are always given a sense of progress and urgency in their quests, and the game’s deep lore is constantly evolving.

    Supercharged Battle Dynamics

    Perhaps you love the indomitable front line tank? The Paladin, Warrior, and Dark Knight will have you glued to the toughest foes, with Job opportunities galore. Players more attuned to healing their party have the White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian as a basis for precious life and vitality restoration, with ample ways to expand their repertoire. Fans of melee and ranged damage experts can embrace the Monk, Samurai, and Bard among several others, while players who adore mystical damage-focused spellcasters will rain death upon foes via the Red and Black Mage or Summoner. Boost your Job Actions with Traits, and learn sequential Combos to unleash their full potential.



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  • Developer : Square Enix
  • Publisher : Square Enix
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