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  • recommended games is a free-to-play online world where you get the opportunity to become your very own mythical creature. As you take on the role of a creature of myth, you will go about exploring a one-of-a-kind universe where you will be able to uncover secrets and play games to earn rewards.


    Which mythical creature will you become? Will it be a good representation of your true nature? How will you stand out from the pack? gives you all the tools you need to fully customize and personalize your creature of myth.


    IMAGINATION IS YOUR BEST FRIEND is a universe dedicated to imagination and creativity. Not only will you be able to create a unique style for your creature of myth, you will also be called to design your very own sanctuary. How you build it is entirely up to you.

    A PLACE OF UNTOLD SECRETS AND UNDISCOVERED MYSTERIES is a place of untold secrets and undiscovered mysteries. To collect and harvest the fantastical materials you need, you will need to explore the world and go around questing. Who knows what sort of colorful characters you will meet and what type of rewards you will be able to collect as you go about playing.

    GO WILD TOGETHER is a place where you can socialize, chat, and capture moments with friends. It is also a place where you can barter and trade items to expand your collection of Rare items. You will be called to complete challenges to unlock exclusive Season Pass rewards. You might even want to play one of the minigames to earn otherworldly items, ingredients and dyes!



  • Developer : Wildworks
  • Publisher : Wildworks
  • Reviewed on : i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970
  • Multiplayer : Yes
  • Link : Wildworks